Ambient is the MorphOS native desktop. It handles program icons, directory navigation, program launching, file handling and everything you need for managing your system.

The project Ambient started in december 2001 when the new PowerPC platform Pegasos came with its own operating system MorphOS. Most of Pegasos users were amigists and they were used to Amiga Workbench. Hence there was an effort to develop a graphical user interface that would be similar to that on Amiga. Step by step Ambient became more complex and better.

On 22nd January 2005, Ambient was provided as an open source software by its previous author David Gerber.

The sources are available at SourceForge and Ambient is developed by following people:

If You would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins from the list below.

Adam Waldenberg - Developer - The interface policechaozerchaozer at
Andrea Beretta - Translatorraistlin77itraistlin77it at
Christian Rosentreter - Admin - Developertokaiztokaiz at
Fabien Coeurjoly - Admin - Developerfab1fab1 at
Guido Mersmann - Developergeitgeit at
Gunne Steen - All-Hands Persongunnegunne at
Gunther Nikl - Developergniklgnikl at
Harry Sintonen - Developersintonensintonen at
Ilkka Lehtoranta - Admin - Developeritixitix at
Joël EHRET - Developer - Translatorfalcon_mosfalcon_mos at
Karoly Balogh - Developerchainqchainq at
Matthis Böcker - Developerugelbugelb at
Lukas Stehlik - Localization dev./Translator/Web Designerlukyluky-amiga at
Michal Wozniak - Admin - Data structure overheadkierokiero at
Nicolas Sallin - Advisor/Mentor/Consultantheneshenes at
Stefan Haubenthal - No specific rolepollukspolluks at
Vladimir Alaev - Admin - Developerscfscf2k at
Vovka - No specific rolemorphovkamorphovka at Logo

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