Ambient ambient.notes - Last 6 months
$Id: ambient.notes,v 1.1599 2008/06/08 08:24:07 geit Exp $

 - rename.c
   Added missing unable to rename strings (geit)

 - iconviewclass.c
   volume rename handling (in internal notify) was completely broken. (kiero)

 - iconviewclass.c, lasso.c|h
   don't leave trash from lasso when background image is loaded (kiero)

 - infowinclass.c, formatclass.c
   moved checkboxed to be uniform on the left side. (geit)
 - formatclass.c
   added missing underscore support (geit)

 - prefswin_listerclass.c, prefswin_windowclass.c, mimegroupclass.c
   moved checkboxed to be uniform on the left side. (geit)
   removed useless groups and made some cleanups. (geit)
 - prefswin_windowclass.c
   "position window under mouse" checkbox is no longer blocking
   window sizing the "get from window" button. (geit)

 - keyshortcuts.c
   enabled missing SHORTCUT_ID_FIND in keyboard settings. (geit)

 - cxwinclass.c panelitem_listclass.c panelitemwinclass.c
   adjusted default window dimensions. simplified. (kiero)

 - iconclass.c, appclass.c, contextmenus.c
   "put away" iten is now available when context menu is invoked for multiple items (kiero)

 - thumbs.c
   added function to generate thumbnail bitmap. some dead code removed. (kiero)
 - listviewclass.c
   removed custom thumbnail creation code for pictures. (kiero)

 - appclass.c
   passing "" as search location to Find command works as if [VOLUMES] was passed. (kiero)
 - findclass.c
   instead of adding [VOLUMES] entry to list, all volumes are added. (kiero)
 - iconclass.c
   fixed checking of selected entries types.
   opening context menu for multiple entries now works for root view too. restricted, so
   only enabled when same type of entries are selected. (kiero)

 - getdirsize.c
   changed handling of return value from getdirsize(). now dirsize scanning in listview
   is properly aborted (kiero)
 - iconclass.c
   fixed icon droparea calculation. (kiero)
 - iconclass.c
   experimental change to fix wrong drop target when dragging icons over other, partialy visible ones (kiero)

 - listviewclass.c viewapi.c
   removed custom scrollers handling for listviews. (kiero)
 - examine64.c
   implemented 64bit versions. (kiero)

 - bookmarks.c, prefswin_bookmarksclass.c, prefs.c, prefs.h, updatelist.c, appclass.c, appclass.h
   added display configuration for bookmark list. Now its possible to show names, locations or names
   and locations. (geit)

 - listviewlistclass.c
   added missing translations. (geit)

 - iconviewclass.c
   added workaround for a race happening between font loading and icon adding.
   should fix missing labels. (kiero)

 - toolbutton_bookmarksclass.c
   when building uri to be be added to list, always specify view and mode (kiero)

 - iconclass.c
   fix for broken icon image with certain font combination (kiero)

 - aboutwinclass.c
   updated Web section - added Leo, JoBBo and Luky, updated copyright information (luky-amiga) 
 - time_func.c
   added datestamp_to_ticks(). (kiero)
 - deficonpool.c
   use ticks instead of seconds when calculating hash value. (kiero)
 - listviewclass.c
   store date as ticks to match other functions. (kiero)
 - iconclass.c/scandir.c
   MA_Icon_FileDate is using ticks not seconds now. (kiero)
 - thumbs.c
   use datestamp_to_ticks to calculate hash. (kiero)
 - typescanner.c
   bit less methodstack calls.
   use datestamp_to_ticks() when needed.(kiero)

 - iconclass.c
   selection color changes are again working in realtime. (kiero) 
 - renamewinclass.c, listviewlistclass.c
   Added clever auto mark. If you select "fuh.jpg" to be renamed the text input will mark "fuh"
   by default. (geit) 
 - appclass.c
   added "zoomed" mode to loadbackground arexx/internal command. (fab1)
 - listviewlistclass.c
   When doubleclicking a project with default tool in listview, don't try to run icon file itself. (fab1) 
 - actiondispatcher.c, prefs_advanced.*
   temporary option to disable reference window locking (only use if you can accept crashes,
   lose of data, etc., *dangerous* and highly *experimental*!)

 - wbarg.c
   make sure passed object to wba_create() actually implements the requested attributes to avoid potential havoc.
   Fixes for instance the "drop a poppen object on an external appwindow" crash reported by alfie. (fab1) 
 - listviewclass.c listviewclass.c
   font prefs wouldn't always be applied in realtime. (fab1)

 - prefswin_listerclass.c prefs.c/h listviewlistclass.c updatelist.c listviewclass.c appclass.c threads.h
   Added more items to lister view preferences (some of them were already there, but hardcoded) (fab1):
	- font to be used.
	- bold directories checkmark.
	- alternated rows checkmark (every other line is 10% brighter) -> be sure to have env:mui/fastppa set to 1 to test it (will be slow on 1.4.x though)
	- hilighted sorting column (currently active sorting column is brighter than other ones).

 - listviewclass.c
   Changed listview->icons submode behaviour again. It now only shows files with icons (like iconview).
   Any complaint to #morphos/Jupp3. :) (fab1)
 - prefswin_miscellaneous.c/prefswin_windowclass.c prefswin_backgroundclass.c
   Put those classes in scroll groups to satisfy 640x480 screenmode fetichists. (fab1)
 - cxwinclass.c, findclass.c sysinfowinclass.c, formatwinclass.c
   Added missing menu items to utility-windows (find, system monitor, exchange, format) (geit)
 - c/do, c/open
   "Do"-command is now named "Open". (geit)
 - c/do/main.c
   "Open"-command now supports URLs using openurl. (geit)
 - c/do/*
   "Open"-command now supports pattern matching and multiple arguments. (geit)
 - infowinclass.c
   default tool group was placed in wrong place in certain cases. (kiero)

 - appclass.c menus.c/h
   + Implemented shortcut argument for menu command. There's no shortcut conflict check, so use with care. (fab1)

 - appclass.c menus.c/h
   + Implemented "menu remove" command.
   + Added "separator" menu entry type.
   + Created a rexx menuconvert.rexx script able to translate toolsdaemon config file and generate menus from it. (fab1)
 - recognition.db
   (re)enabled/ modified the generic text file detection (filename does no longer
   matter to detect if a file is 'Text' or not).

 - appclass.c/h menus.c/h windowclass.c
   Added 'configurable pulldown menu' (like tooldaemon) functionality. Entries can only be added through arexx port for now. (fab1)

   - menu add id="entry identifier" [parentid="parent entry identifier"]  title="entry label" type= [command="ambient command string"] [commandtype=]
   - menu remove id="entry identifier" (not implemented yet)

   Example to get an additional menu entry using that layout:

	  SubMenu1 -> SubItem1
			   -> SubItem2

   create a menus.rexx file:


   address AMBIENT
   'menu add id="m1-0"                     title="Menu1"    type=menu'
   'menu add id="m1-1"   parentid="m1-0"   title="Item1"    type=item command="echo Item1" commandtype=amigados'
   'menu add id="m1-2"   parentid="m1-0"   title="Item2"    type=item command="echo Item2" commandtype=amigados'
   'menu add id="m1-3-0" parentid="m1-0"   title="SubMenu1" type=menu'
   'menu add id="m1-3-1" parentid="m1-3-0" title="SubItem1" type=item command="echo SubItem1" commandtype=amigados'
   'menu add id="m1-3-2" parentid="m1-3-0" title="SubItem2" type=item command="echo SubItem2" commandtype=amigados'

   Run it with:	rx menus.rexx

 - progresswinclass.c
   Added day, hour, minute information to progress bar, as e.g. USB1.1 users may have to wait
   a little longer. (bitrocky, geit)

 - appclass.c/h
   Added a new 'EditMimeType' internal command to open mimetype configuration window for a given file.
   It can be used from internal->x-morphos-globalaction-file filetype as menu action (EditMimeType %sp),
   for instance. (fab)

 - appclass.c:
   Modified Find command to take multiple values for LOCATION param. Adjusted command documentation. (kiero)
 - mimetype.c
   Find command now uses ACTION_FLAG_MULTIPLE flag to merge search paths. (kiero)
 - gfx_scale.c
   Optimized bilinear filter. (kiero)

 - doslistcache.c
   don't add partialy mounted (activate = 0) entries to doslist. (kiero)

 - wbarg.c
   properly handle icons without path (appicons). no more hits when dropping appicons on appwindows. (kiero)

 - exdir.c
   don't abort scan if directory/file without read permission is encountered. (kiero)
 - copyright.h
   COPYRIGHTYEAR_END is 2008 now. (piru) 
 - str.c/h progresswindowclass.c
   strings passed to gauge.mui were not escaped. Bad things (tm) could happen with filenames containing '%' characters. (fab1)
 - makedirwinclass.c
   in makedir window, default name is fully marked, so that one can easily change filename without deleting it first.
   Code was actually already there, but disabled because it caused a (harmless) zero read hit in MUI, which is fixed in recentish MUI. (fab1)

 - bgrenderclass.c 

 - background.c, bgrenderclass.c
   added BGRENDER_Zoomed mode. similar to Scaled but doesn't leave empty borders (kiero) 
 - sysinfowinclass.c
   Fixed busclock display. (piru)
 - findresultlistclass.c, panelslidersizeclass.c
   Added missing translation (geit)
 - findclass.c
   Stop button will now be disabled, when not searching. (geit) 
 - iconclass.c
   ghosted icons fadein was broken.
   too big icons were not scaled down in information window (kiero)
 - prefswin_mainclass.c
   default window dimensions to 50/60% of screen size. (kiero)
 - appclass.c
   Shutdown/reboot requester closes properly now. (tokai)

 - toolbargroup.c
   copy as/move as/paste as toolbar buttons now respectively expect filecopyas, filemoveas and clippasteas as picture files. (fab1)

 - prefswin_backgroundclass.c
   fixed desktop->file selection by using underscore key. (geit)
 - prefswin_miscellaneousclass.c
   fixed default icon path selection by using underscore key. (geit)
 - mimeadjustgroupclass.c
   Fixed some typos. (geit)

 - prefswin_windowclass.c, prefswin_miscellaneousclass.c, prefswin_icondisplayclass.c
   Added tons of new gadget texts and bubbles. (geit)
 - mui_func.c
   do not set muia_doublebuffer for noncustom objects!. (kiero)
 - scandir.c
   adjusted pattern for icons mode. hide .info files not only on root level. (kiero)

 - appclass.c
   loading of all new config items.
   don't try to create new root window when someone tries to LoadURI it. (kiero)
 - classes.h
   added few new methods. cleaned and renamed attributes. (kiero)
 - contextmenu.c|h
   externalized function to setup labels (localization and images setup). cosmetics. (kiero)
 - findclass.c
   added some checks for thread aborting. (kiero)
 - iconclass.c
   killed use of USE_ICON_SCALING. converted from advanced prefs usage to config items usage. (kiero)
 - iconio.c, listviewclass.c, makedirwinclass.c, pngicon.c, snapshot.c
   converted from advanced prefs usage to config items usage. (kiero)
 - iconviewclass.c
   added possibility to toggle mymorphos icon visibility at runtime
   converted from advanced prefs usage.... (kiero)
 - mimeprefs.c
   now this is the place where mimtypes database is constructed on init. It's called after
   all prefs are loaded unlike it was before, so don't use mimetypes stuff in module initialization
   functions. (kiero)
 - mimetype.c
   don't load mimetypes database on init. just initialize lists.
   converted from advanced prefs usage... (kiero)
 - prefs.c|h
   added defaults for new config items. adjusted default window height (200->300). (kiero)
 - prefs_advanced.c|h
   removed items which were moved to normal prefs. (kiero)
 - prefswin_icondisplayclass.c
   added new config items: ghosted deficons, icon fading, shortcut/appicon indicators, autosnapshot, dualpng.
   small layout optimizations and USE_ICON_SCALING useage removal. (kiero)
 - prefswin_miscellaneousclass.c
   added new config items: trap more/multiview, show mymorphos, desktopdoubleclick, contextmenu images, icon for new drawer.
   small cleanup. (kiero)
 - prefswin_windowclass.c
   added new config item: statusbar format.
   window used to select default view size wasn't disposed.
   small cleanups and method renaming.  (kiero)
 - shortcuts.c
   always add mymorphos icon do root view. if it's visible or not depends on iconview itself. (kiero)
 - statusbarclass.c
   killed status format string (can be adjusted in realtime). (kiero)
   converted from advanced prefs usage to normal config items usage.
 - strap.c
   reorganized mime prefs loading. now it's done after ambient prefs are ready to be used. (kiero)
 - updatelist.c
   added handling of all new config items. (kiero)
 - windowclass.c
   added statusbar refreshing when UI config has changed.
   converted from advanced prefs ... (kiero)

 - recurse.c
   modified return code handling. don't return FALSE when ABORTED is returned internaly. (kiero)
 - iconclass.c
   when changing additional text for icon it will adjust object size accordingly.
   icon image should be properly centered now. (kiero)
 - prefswin.h prefswinmainclass.c
   disabled advanced prefs page (requested by Mark Olsen) (tokai) 
 - movelist.c
   behave properly for files bigger than 2GB. (kiero)

 - appclass.c config.h init.c ipc.c rexx.c screen.c/h
   wblib/appicon.c appwindow.c config.h control.c private.c
   integrated Kenny (dake) Multiple Desktops. Disabled until it's fully tested. It
   can be enabled in config.h and wblib/config.h with USE_MULTIPLE_DESKTOP 1. (fab1)
 - gfx_bitmap.c
   added missing LockBitMapTags taglist termination.

 - iconio.c, pngio.c, recog.c, thumbs_exif.c
   added some missing file_seek() errorchecking.

 - recognition.db
   added some new types:
   - application/x-rnc-propack:     Rob Northen Computing PRO-PACK Compressed File
   - application/x-morphos-library: MorphOS libraries
   - application/x-morphos-reggae:  Reggae classes
   - application/x-morphos-mui:     MorphOS native MUI custom classes
   - application/x-amigaos-library: AmigaOS 68k libraries
   - application/x-amigaos-mui:     AmigaOS 68k MUI custom classes

 - lasso.c
   Fixed bug where lasso could leave lonely dots. (itix)
 - listviewclass.c
   Don't display capacity info for MyMorphos views (views without path). (kiero)

 - findresultlistclass.c
   replaced hooks with methods. cosmetics and simplifications. (kiero)

 - iconclass.c prefs_advanced.c/h
   + added an optional identifier/decoration for appicons. It can be set in advanced prefs
	 with "identifierforappicons". (fab1)
   + avoid locking desktop (rootview) when copying files from it. (fab1)
 - infowinclass.c
   don't display (ghosted) md5sum and version buttons for icons without files. (kiero)

 - iconviewclass.c
   in manual layout mode, it's now possible to drag and *drop* more than one icon . (fab1)
 - appclass.c iconviewclass.c classes.h contextmenu.c
   "snapshot all" didn't work. Fixed a few more things regarding snapshot handling in manual layout mode. (fab1)
 - iconviewclass.c
   fastsearch feature now selects item instead of just hovering it (it's more visible and is also more usable
   when navigating only from keyboard). (fab1)

 - makefile, makefile.objs, aboutwinclass.c
   added russian translation made by Andrei Shestakov. (geit)
 - makefile
   fix: copy russian catalog to Ambient archive(s). (luky-amiga)